PRM exists to serve you, the farmer. Our commitment to our customers is to provide the needed crop
insurance solutions to manage production risk with a keen focus on leveraging the latest farming technology to simplify, increase accuracy and make more efficient the entire insurance experience for ranchers and farmers. The most important job our team has is to listen to you and deliver solutions that bring value to your operation, business, and life. Come experience the difference and unleash the power of PRM on your operation.


PRM is looking for motivated and solution orientated agents to grow market share in territories throughout the midwest. PRM offers agents a unique to the industry experience and a team culture focused on farmer driven solutions. Contact our sales & marketing team to explore opportunities for your marketing territory and let’s grow together.


You’ve built a successful business serving the crop insurance needs of farmers and ranchers and it’s never too early to explore a successful succession plan. What does the future look like to you? PRM desires to be part of that. PRM has built a sustainable model of crop insurance delivery that can weather the future challenges the industry faces. Farmers and ranchers desire predictability and sustainability in a risk management plan. The PRM model of business is farmer focused and brings a USDA Risk Management Agency approved insurance provider directly to the farm. Its never to early to take charge of your future and plan these next steps in your life. Contact PRM for a no obligation, confidential analysis in exploring a succession plan.

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