BrownfieldAgNews reports:

The U.S. soybean harvest made a big jump over the past week. That followed generally favorable harvest weather in much of the Midwest and Plains, but some areas are expected to see rain delays later this week.

The USDA says that as of Sunday, 43% of U.S. soybeans are harvested, compared to 23% a week ago and the five-year average of 37%, with 93% of the crop dropping leaves and 51% rated good to excellent, down 1%.

34% of corn is harvested, compared to 23% a week ago and 31% on average, with 89% mature and 53% of the crop called good to excellent, unchanged.

57% of winter wheat is planted and 29% has emerged, both close to normal.

25% of cotton is harvested, with 82% of bolls opened, near the respective usual paces, with 32% of the crop in good to excellent condition, up 2%.

82% of rice is harvested, compared to 79% on average.

44% of sorghum is harvested and 81% is mature, ahead of the typical rates, with 42% of the crop rated good to excellent, 1% higher than last week.

35% of U.S. pastures and rangelands are in good to excellent shape, steady with the prior week, but with 1% moving from excellent down to good.

The USDA’s weekly crop progress and condition reports are scheduled to run through the end of November.