Make the Switch to Precision Technology

Precision Technology can be leveraged to take crop insurance to a new level. Unlock benefits to faster, easier, and more efficient crop insurance.

Precision Technology for Crop Insurance.

Reduced FSA Office Trips

Precision Technology can help skip the FSA office for certification. Certify your acres with your harvest data and put your data in the cloud, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Automated and Fast Reporting

Insurance reporting can be incredibly time-consuming with stacks of files. With precision technology and the right partner, it can take literal minutes and a flash drive.

Audit Protection

Accurate digital records are the best defense against an audit. The files are always on hand and provide the full picture of your operation during an audit.

Precision Acres

FSA maps can lead to bloated premiums. When actual acres are used, you only pay for coverage on land that was planted instead of insuring things like waterways.

Increased and Accurate APH

APH is the foundation of a policy, and it could be skewed significantly lower with traditional methods of reporting. Precision technology allows you to know your true APH and it could result in higher guarantees.

Precision Technology for an Operation.

Precision Technology has transformed running an operation for those growers who have adopted it. Machine guidance and auto-steer showcase the benefits of sitting in the cab. Variable rate technology, auto section control, and yield mapping is driving yields up across the country.

This technology has become vital for driving income and staying profitable in challenging times. Today’s precision agriculture technologies are helping farmers make significant gains by increasing efficiency, reducing operating costs and lessening environmental impact.

Precision Technology allows producers to put the right source, at the right rate, at the right time, in the right place.

Learn How to Make the Precision Switch

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