Precision Technology Set-Up and Support

Precision Risk Management is devoted to helping the grower create the most efficient operation for their crop insurance reporting. That’s why every PRM policy comes with the use of a PRM employed Data Specialist. Data Specialists are devoted to helping the insured farmer set-up and year-round support of precision technology for crop insurance. As a crop insurance industry first, the team of Data Specialists are not third-party contractors and are employed by Precision Risk Management, ensuring the highest and consistent quality customer support.

The PRM Data Specialists partner with the grower to create the most accurate acreage and production reporting. This is achieved by PRM team members going on-farm to set up the precision technology on existing equipment the grower already possess.

The initial set-up is only one component of the full precision technology support by PRM. The Data Specialist provides technology support year-round to the grower whenever it is needed. During harvest, the crop insurance information is automatically collected and applied to the crop insurance policy. This information upload reduces the effort and time of the grower to meet all the crop insurance reporting requirements.

PRM is the only AIP designed from the founding to provide this direct and continuous service to the grower. PRM Data Specialists tested and perfected the precision technology set-up process for crop insurance reporting. The revolutionary customer service to the grower is only achieved by PRM’s unique direct employment structure. All of the PRM team members are directly employed by PRM, eliminating the industry standard of third-party agents and contractors.

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Precision Risk Management’s precision technology set-up process is only intended for use with crop insurance data collection and reporting. Other applications of the precision technology are possible but are not provided by PRM.

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