Why Our Customers Love PRM

Paul Sittig

Brian Schmidt

“PRM has been way out front in finding out news from USDA or RMA that is not coffee shop talk. It let us make decisions way ahead of other companies who seem to be confused or uniformed about what neighbors could/couldn’t do.”
Ron Ortman
Ortman Family Farms

“While insurance options are offered from many companies, the service is what sets them apart.”
John Neill
Neill Bros Farms Inc.

“PRM is the best! The well-rounded team there work very hard at making sure you have the right crop insurance plan that fits your farm without trying to oversell you.”
Marc Molskness
Molskness Farms

“The PRM team has given our farm the peace of mind that we are properly insured when the bad years hit. The team has direct access to the latest industry knowledge and always take the time to quickly and accurately answer questions we have.”
Kaleb Steele
Steele Farms

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