American-Owned Company

Precision Risk Management is proud to be an American-owned and Midwest-based company. The company’s headquarters are in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. All of our employees pass through our main office, but they are located in the communities we serve. Our Risk Management Advisors, Data Specialists, Adjusters and all our back-office teams all live across the Midwest. Our entire team is your neighbors.

It is even more important PRM is American owned during these times. The number of American-owned crop insurance providers is dwindling. Right now, there are only 13 Approved Insurance Providers (AIP). The majority of American crop insurance policies are written with foreign-owned companies. The percentage of polices written by foreign companies continues to increase almost every year with few famers noticing. The ownership of these companies is all across the globe: Bermuda, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada.

At PRM, we believe the American crop insurance program for American farmers paid for by American taxpayers should be delivered by an American company. The American farmer needs a partner they can trust and know where their money is going.

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