Agency Partnership and Acquisition

Precision Risk Management is looking to expand with the correct partners.

As Approved Insurance Provider (AIP) with RMA, we can offer you a tailored solution which enables you to capture the equity value in your crop insurance business today.

We are not looking to recruit talent away from agencies. Instead, we are looking for acquisition and partnership opportunities.

You can also remain active as an agent if you desire. Many crop insurance agents and agency owners today welcome the option of capturing the equity value of their book of business. Everyone has their reasons and their own timing.

If you’re a crop insurance agent who owns their own book of business or an agency owner and are interested in capturing the equity value, we at PRM can offer you a tailored solution. You can cash in on the equity value of your business and continue to service your book of business or phase out over a period of time.

Benefits of Partnership and Acquisition

Peace of Mind

Eliminate Human Resource Issues

Fuel Rapid Growth

Cash Infusion

Remove Your Paperwork with Support Staff

Keep Up with Technology Innovations

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Our President/CEO Has a Message for You

What Would an Acquisition Deal Look Like?

It’s different for every company

Shared success is important to Precision Risk Management. PRM wants to expand with the right partners. We are looking for agencies to form mutually beneficial agreements. We do not have a single partnership model we want to implement. Through a conversation, we can start to structure a roadmap for how you and PRM can both reach our goals.

Examples of Possible Paths

It starts with your goals and what type of role you want after a deal is signed.

What Role Do You Want?

I want to retire

PRM can provide you a cash infusion worth the value of your entire agency. You did it! Enjoy retirement!

I want to slow down but not retire

PRM can explore providing support services or partial ownership. You can start to take life easier and let PRM take up the workload.

I want to capture my equity value and still remain active

You can have a cash infusion and enjoy all the PRM benefits.

Deals to Growth

If you are looking to stay active, PRM’s team approach provides you the support you need to expand. We have the resources to help you grow your sales without the headaches of complete agency ownership.

What Support Do You Need?

Your Need:

PRM Solution:

Your Need:

Paperwork and processing

PRM Solution:

PRM Service Support Team

Your Need:

Precision Tech Support

PRM Solution:

Precision Data Specialists

Your Need:

Growth and Retention

PRM Solution:

Marketing Team

Your Need:

Claims and Adjusting

PRM Solution:

PRM Employed Adjusters

Have an additional need?

Don’t take our word for it

Don’t take our word for it

“Precision Risk Management’s partnership is exactly what I was looking for the next steps of my career. I was ready to slow down and capture all the equity I built into my agency. They came in and tailored a deal so I could keep working but take all the stress out of my agency. The Sales Support Team has taken the weight of the world off my shoulders handling all the reporting and paperwork. My insureds now have the best of both worlds. All the team support from PRM and the personal service from me.”

– Steve Farlow, IL

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We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data!