Paul Sittig


Paul’s PRM Testimonial

I switched from my previous company to Jeff (and PRM) because of all the extra services they were willing to do for you. I would recommend PRM to any neighbor just for their over-and-above service and their willingness to come out and talk to you.

The other insurance companies seem to just want to say: “Well, what’s your acres? And here’s your premium.” The other company said “We’re a bank, so we’ll just do your crop insurance as well”. We need a little more service than that.

Team Approach

I like knowing the fact that if I have a problem, there are multiple numbers I can call and multiple people I can get a hold of to help me out. I’ve met most of their team and it’s been a great experience with all of them. What makes them stand out is that I know the guys that are my Advisors. I know the guys in the office. I know all the adjusters. I know everybody, I know they’re available to me. They’re willing to walk the fields with you. It’s a family-based business that you can really work with.

PRM Gets to Know Your Operation

PRM would come out and create map books for you. They would do boundaries with acres and fields. They would just go above and beyond. PRM has went through every acre we have. They know where the fields are. They know the level of coverage we need. They know everything that we need, and they can put it together for us in a way that works for us.

Community Matters to PRM

I mean, my Advisor really takes the time to ask, and you can tell they care about you. You can tell they care more than just your insurance policy. My Advisor knows my wife’s and all my kids’ names. It’s just a really nice relationship. And it’s more than an insurance agent and a farmer. It’s definitely a friendship.

Easy Crop Insurance Reporting

At the end of the year when it’s time for reporting, I don’t do anything. I literally call my Advisor to say we’re done. He goes on to the operation center and pulls it right off. If he’s got a question about something or something doesn’t look right, he takes care of it. Then he calls me to let me know we are set for the season. It is really nice.

Audit Protection

I know they have it all on file. If I ever have a problem, I know PRM is going to be there to back me up as far as audits or anything because of the precision technology. We used to report manually and had to keep track of all of our scale tickets and everything. They would end up flying around trucks and tractors and you never know if you got exactly all of them or not. You didn’t have really anything solid to go back to and fall back on if you had a problem with your calibration or your yield numbers.

Easy Claims Process

I’ve had quite a few claims actually that I’ve went through the PRM process. It’s been super easy. PRM worked with me and told me exactly what I need to do. Like in 2019 when it was an extremely wet year. We had fields that have always been planted. I can remember that we simply couldn’t get them planted. I called my Advisor, and he went through to make sure we were going to be covered through a claim. Of course, we were. And he said, PRM will take care of it.

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