What is Prevent Plant?

Prevented planting (PP) is a failure to plant an insured crop with the proper equipment by the final planting date designated in the insurance policy’s Special Provisions or during the late planting period, if applicable.

Insured cause of loss

Precipitation: Either Excessive or Lack of

Prevent Plant Coverage

• Prevented planting (PP) coverage provides producers valuable protection in the event they are unable to plant an insured crop by the final planting date or during the late planting period due to an insured cause of loss. When adverse weather prevents planting, a prevented planting payment is made to compensate for the producer’s pre-planting costs generally incurred in preparation for planting the crop.

• The amount of prevented planting coverage is calculated as a percent of the insurance guarantee the insured would have had for a timely planted crop.

Payment Calculation: Guarantee x PP Coverage = PP Indemnity.

PP Calculations

Prevent Plant Claims

Prevent Plant claims must be reported to the Risk Management Advisor within 72 hours of loss, but not sooner than the final planting date for the crop. A PRM insured can contact their Advisor directly or through PRM’s contact page.

Prevent Plant Claim Qualifications

• Insurable cause must be common to the area.

• 20/20 Rule: Prevent Plant acres must be at least the lessor of 20 acres or 20% of the crop unit.

• 1 in 4 Rule: Eligible acres for each crop in each county is the highest number of harvested (if not harvested, was adjusted for claim purposes under the authority of the Act or NAP due to an insured cause of loss) and Prevent Plant acres indemnified over the last four years (Field Level). Once eligibility is exhausted it would roll to the closest paying crop; not to exceed original crop guarantee.

Prevent Plant Disqualifications (Not Covered)

(Most common but not limited to):

Failure to meet above qualifications

• New Breaking/Emerging from CRP/USDA Program constraints

• Old Water or Pre-Existing Condition: Once acreage has had Prevent Plant for 4 consecutive years, the acreage must be planted to a crop for two consecutive years to become Prevent Plant eligible

Prevent Plant Added Land

Adding land to your operation created particular conditions for Prevent Plant.

New County: You are allowed to establish eligible acres for prevented planting purposes by submitting an intended acreage report to your agent by the sales closing date (or within 10 days of land acquisition, if acquired after the sales closing date). You will declare your planting intentions for the new land on the intended acreage report. If prevented from planting, the acres (and crops) from the intended acreage report will be used to establish prevented planting eligible acres.

• If you were eligible to file an intended acreage report the first crop year, you may elect to file an intended acreage report for the second crop year (the year immediately following the first crop year).

• Existing County: Crop eligibility will be increased by factoring this year’s cropland acres divided by last year’s cropland acres.

Added Land Prevent Plant Claim Calculations

Current Crop Year cropland available for planting/

Previous Crop Year cropland available for planting Prevent Plant by Intention

= Added Land Factor X Base Acres

Ability to claim Prevent Plant on an unplanted portion of a field even though the planted portion is another crop

• To qualify:

– The unplanted portion of the field must be at least 20 acres or 20 percent of the total acres in the field.

– Provide proof of intent to plant the prevented planting acres to the crop claimed as prevented planting and not to the crop that was physically planted on a portion of the acreage (seed receipts, fertilizer inputs, etc.).

Cover Crop on Prevent Plant Acres

Cover crops can now be grazed, hayed, or cut for sileage, haylage, or baleage at any time without a payment reduction (Previously after November 1st)

Planted before the Final Plant Date (FPD) or during the Late Planting Period (LPP) of the prevented crop:

PP Disposition before FPD

Planted after the Late Planting Period (FPD if no LPP applicable) of the prevented crop:

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