Brian Schmidt

4th Generation Farmer

Brian’s PRM Testimonial

The personal relationship I have with PRM is quite unique. It’s the people that you work with that make your business successful or not. I’m very pleased with the people at PRM. I couldn’t ask for more. I would recommend them to any neighbor just like they were recommended to me by my neighbor.

Mapping and Precision Acres

I was looking for someone who did field mapping, and I knew I was paying insurance on too many acres. They were phantom acres that did not exist. I had a lot of wide fence lines, unproductive land, land that was unapproachable. When PRM came into the picture and started mapping the fields we had less premium to pay. I didn’t have the money to throw away for those extra acres so the money stays in my pocket.

Less Paperwork. Faster Reporting.

They always come out to me. They come out several times a year. They come out after harvest, go right to my screen, and plugged in their USB. I was able to give them all my data just by sitting there in the tractor for a few minutes. It has saved me a ton of time. Before I had to go line by line in old sheets to get it all done. Now it’s done in minutes.

Precision Technology Set-Up

There are farmers who are reluctant to embrace this new technology and that is where PRM is there to help you with that. The technology has been the hardest and most rewarding part about farming recently. I don’t know how you stay profitable without it.

Insurance Education and FSA Program Assistance.

They have been good with telling me what’s new. The federal programs are very hard to navigate and PRM makes that a lot easier. They are influential in knowing what type of insurance to get because there are so many options for us farmers. We don’t have the knowledge or capability that they do to know what type of plan you should take.

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