Direct Crop Insurance to Farmers

The only company bringing crop insurance directly to the farmer. No middleman. No agencies. No contractors.

Precision Risk Management is the first Approved Insurance Provider (AIP) writing policies without the use of third-party agencies. The founding of PRM cut out the complicated maze of providers. There does not need to be a middleman to get in the way of farmers and the support they need. Our team members are employed by PRM and work together to provide a better experience for customers.

Direct Team Support

Crop insurance is fantastically complicated. You have over 10 million policy choices. It gets even more complicated for large operations. A single agent can’t handle the complexity.

Your operation needs a team approach to crop insurance.

Our direct to farmer model allows us this unique team approach. All PRM employees work together to provide services no other agency can.

Responsible for Every Step

  • Our team servicing policies are employed by PRM
  • Cuts out middlemen and PRM writes policies it sells
  • Serving our customers is our top priority over serving our own interests
  • We can’t pass the blame and switch providers

Learn how PRM Can Protect your Operation

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