Some growers and agricultural businesses either don’t qualify for subsidized programs or seek alternative customized solutions. PRM, partnered with Vane, is focused on delivering differentiated coverages customized to unique needs of each grower and business.

The federal crop insurance program does not cover all the needs of large and specialized growers. Precision Risk Management provides private products to our insured customers that are not available anywhere else.

These private insurance options are designed for the unique needs of the individual operation where there was no other solution. PRM with Vane starts with the exposed risk and creates the insurance product specifically to cover the risk. These products do not have the same rules and limitations of the federal program. If we can imagine it, we can create a solution for the grower.

Examples of Tailored Products Created.

Your equipment is a significant investment and expense used to support your agricultural operation. Weather risks can cause unexpected increased usage and wear on your equipment. PRM provides insurance protection using your precision farming technology to measure your equipment usage to accurately price and provide loss payment when excessive use of your equipment occurs due to covered loss events.

A forward contract insurance coverage that provides coverage when the grower has a production shortfall, and the current price of grain is higher than the delivery contract. Contracted Grain Coverage protects the grower from the increased cost to fulfill the delivery contract.

A unique and customized quality failure insurance solution protecting the grower when the contracted production of the specialty crop is rejected by the buyer for failure to meet quality standards specified in the delivery contract. The insurance policy is independent of any other insurance the grower may have, including federal crop insurance.

A row crop insurance policy designed and customized to fit your operation whether you are a domestic or foreign organization and don’t qualify for the public option. Production and Revenue Insurance Coverage for Row Crop Farming Operations.

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