Done Better

Larger operations can’t settle for average. They need better crop insurance and more services.

Precision Risk Management uses our unique direct-to-customers model, employing our team members, to provide better service to our customers. Only PRM can provide better crop insurance.

Included Services to Customers

Reduced Premium

Actual planted acres and FSA acres are not always the same. Through electronic reporting with precision technology, the average PRM insured operation sees up to 7% decrease in premium because of increased accuracy.

Team Support

Every PRM policy is backed by a full team of experts employed by PRM. The team provides year-round support to leverage a policy’s entire potential. Complicated operations deserve a devoted and dedicated support team.

No Office Visits

Growers save time by never going to the PRM office. PRM always comes on-farm on the grower’s schedule to do any and all business.

Simplified Reporting

Precision technology records of field data can be the only information required for crop insurance acreage and production reporting. Growers can complete reporting by simply handing Advisors a thumb drive of data.

Fast Claim Payments

Money is in the grower’s pockets faster by simplifying and speeding up the claim payment process. Using electronic field data, PRM claims adjusters quickly determine losses and initiate payment without reviewing scale tickets, measuring bins, and other paperwork. This cuts out days/months of delayed payment.

Precision Technology Set-Up

PRM’s Data Specialists come on-farm to set-up all precision technology. Growers don’t need to lift a finger. Plus, Data Specialists are ready all year round for in-field support.

Use Both Precision
& Traditional Reporting

PRM has the expertise to use both precision technology and traditional reporting methods. Many times-both are used in the same policy. PRM does what best fits the grower’s needs. There is no one size fits all option.

Private Products

The federal program doesn’t cover all risks. PRM creates private insurance products to fill those gaps that aren’t covered anywhere else. Private insurance tailored-made for the grower.


Federal crop insurance is a complex program. Our Advisors spend time on-farm to ensure growers fully understand all the options available. They assist in selecting the best combination of options to maximize guarantees and minimize premium.


Audits are always around the corner, and it pays to be prepared. PRM’s controlled process has each grower’s accurate data and documentation on hand to speed up reviews and ensure integrity.

Learn how PRM Can Protect your Operation

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