Source: blog by John Deere

Why are we introducing battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to some product lines? Because industries we support, like high value crop farming (things like nuts and fruits), as well as customers working in turf care and construction, need it.

There are a lot of myths and misperceptions out there that our customers and employees can help address. Let’s get into it.

The myth: John Deere customers don’t want electric vehicles

The truth is, many of our construction customers have been operating hybrid electric vehicles for years and are asking for more hybrid and battery electric options.

“The 644 X‑Tier (hybrid wheel loader) is amazing and a big part of our environmental efforts to reduce noise and emissions,” says Kenny Williams with the Kansas City International Airport. “We use it almost everywhere. Given the advances in battery technology, introducing electric vehicles was a no-brainer.”

Adrian Saenz, BEV channel integration lead for small ag and turf, says this is true for high value crop and turf care customers as well.

“Growers in high value crops are highly motivated to be good stewards of resources and are looking for new technologies and tools to help them run more sustainable operations.” Saenz says. “Electrification in particular provides benefits of renewable energy, but can also help customers value products grown in a way that is good for the planet.”

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