BrownfieldAgNews reports:

Wisconsin will require proof of a negative H5N1 test for lactating dairy cattle going to fairs and exhibitions. The new order was issued Tuesday and takes effect June 19th, which is the opening date for the first fair of the season at Elroy.

State Veterinarian Darlene Konkle says the order is specific to show animals. “In-state herd-to-herd movement will not require testing with this order. This order is specific to movement to a fair or exhibition for lactating dairy cattle.”

Producers must receive a negative test for Influenza A virus at an approved National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) laboratory with samples collected no more than 7 days prior to movement to the fair or exhibition.

Ag Secretary Randy Romanski says the agency will be offering guidance and answering questions about the new testing order. “We have reached out to the Wisconsin County Fairs Association. They’re going to help us with outreach and communication to all the fairs.”

This testing is available to producers at no cost through USDA APHIS at NAHLN laboratories. Romanski says producers may also apply for reimbursement of shipping and veterinary fees for collection of samples.