Kyle Ostenson, North Dakota Data Specialist

At Precision Risk Management we are continuing our dedication to North Dakota operators’ success. PRM is committed to investing more resources in North Dakota to provide unparalleled service to customers.

Kyle Ostenson joined the team as the North Dakota Data Specialist focusing on precision technology. As an employee of PRM, he will help insured farmers set up precision technology for crop insurance and provide year-round support. Kyle will take the burden off the farmer to create the most accurate acreage and production reporting. Kyle and other Data Specialists go on-farm to setup the precision technology on existing equipment the grower already has.

The initial setup is only one part of the full precision technology support Kyle will provide. The Data Specialist provides technology support year-round to the grower whenever it is needed. During harvest, the crop insurance information is automatically collected and applied to the crop insurance policy. This information upload reduces the effort and time of the grower to meet all the heavy crop insurance reporting requirements.

Kyle Ostenson came to PRM to put his ten years of precision agriculture experience to work for customers. Kyle is an expert in Case and Deere equipment used in rows crops to specialty crops. For close to a decade, Kyle has gone on-farm to help farmers set up, optimize, troubleshoot, and service precision technology.

PRM is thrilled to welcome Kyle as a PRM employee and team member.