Have you done your pre-harvest precision check yet?

Technology never seems to work when you need it to. The last place you want technology to go wrong is in the field during harvest. There is no way to 100% guarantee you won’t have precision technology issues in the field, but there are many steps you can take to lower the probability of issues.

Growers who follow this checklist will have the largest success rate for their precision technology.

Harvest Precision Technology Checklist

  • Unload planting data (or any previous data) from display
  • Create backup and/or upload data
  • Check display storage capacity for room to hold harvest data
  • Check planting data for accuracy (field names, varieties, equipment, etc.)
  • Create setup file for combine (field name, variety tracking file, equipment, etc.)
  • Upload setup file to display in combine
  • Verify combine display for accuracy & finish setting up (field names, varieties, equipment, etc.)
  • Check all components for software updates
  • Inspect yield & moisture components for wear and/or damage
  • Calibrate yield monitor at a minimum of once per crop per season for best results

Making sure your equipment is properly calibrated will have significant time savings not only in the field but after harvest as well. If the equipment is properly calibrated, growers can use the precision data for many useful things such as crop insurance reporting.

Precision Risk Management provides on-farm precision technology support for our customers all year. If you would like to talk to a Data Specialist about how we can help you keep your technology working all harvest, please reach out to [email protected]