Welcome to the 2023 multi-peril crop insurance year with Precision Risk Management. We are extremely honored you have chosen PRM to provide your crop insurance and allow us to assist you all year. Every team member promises to support you and your operation in any way we can. Crop insurance is complicated but PRM is here to make it easy. We have the most important details for you to know about your policy for the coming year. For everything else, your Risk Management Advisor will always be in contact with you to ensure you are always “In the Know”.

Important Dates

Don’t put your coverage levels at risk. To be in compliance, you must follow your county’s Earliest Plant Dates, Final Planting Date and, End of Late Planting Period Date. Please contact your Risk Management Advisor or SST Team for your county dates if you have questions.

Report a Loss and Claims Info

Precision Risk Management understands the importance of a claim to a grower when they have had a loss. PRM takes a team approach to getting your loss payment to you faster. Every person in the process works together in the best interest of the farmer. When PRM controls every step, it gives the grower the best results in the claims process. Always keep your Risk Management Advisor and the Sales Support Team up to date if you think you may have a loss situation.


  • Contact must be made within 72 hours after the late plant period. To avoid deadline issues, contact PRM immediately.
  • Certain conditions prevented you from planting when needed
  • The cause needs to be conditions affecting the general area (county) and not farm specific
  • Insured cause prevented planting on or after 3/15
  • Must be at least 20 acres or 20% of the crop acreage, whichever is less


  • Contact the Sales Support Team/your Risk Management Advisor if you think a possible replant situation has occurred
  • Acres damaged by an insured cause. 
  • Must have been planted on or after earliest plant date.
  • PRM Adjuster must determine it is practical and qualifies for replant.
  • Must be at least 20 acres or 20% of the crop acreage, whichever is less.

Data Specialist Tech Set Up

Precision Risk Management is devoted to helping growers create the most efficient operation for their crop insurance reporting. That’s why every PRM policy comes with the use of a PRM-employed Data Specialist. Data Specialists are devoted to helping the insured farmer set up and year-round support of precision technology for crop insurance. The PRM Data Specialists partner with the grower to create the most accurate acreage and production reporting. This is achieved by PRM team members going on-farm to set up the precision technology on existing equipment the grower already possesses. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with a Data Specialist click here

Precision Reporting Requirements

You are allowed under RMA rules to set up your own precision technology. If you would like to set up your own Precision Technology, ensure you are setting it up correctly to be used for crop insurance reporting. Download our Multi-Point Calibration guide to follow during harvest. If you have questions during your process, a Data Specialist would be happy to provide guidance over the phone.

Crop HailPLUS

Federal Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) does not cover every risk to the degree the grower needs it to in these modern times. These under-covered perils can cause gaps in coverage where you are responsible for any losses. Precision Risk Management created PRM Crop HailPLUS to fill in many of these gaps. It covers much more than just hail insurance. This comprehensive coverage may plug holes where an operation is vulnerable to significant losses.

Crop HailPLUS covers hail damage, fire, lightning, theft, fire department cost reimbursement, replanting reimbursement, post-harvest transportation damage, stored grain, vandalism and malicious mischief. Learn more here.

You can learn about the severity and frequency of hail in your area here in our Trends to Track weather series.

Sales Support Team (SST)

Crop insurance is vastly complicated and requires a team to assist large operations. No single agent can provide all the services and support you need. Precision Risk Management backs up your policies with a team of experts employed by PRM. Your Risk Management Advisor and SST will be working hand in hand to give you more immediate and more comprehensive support.

They are the policy gurus to guide you. Any questions you have, they have answers. When you have a notice of loss, they will be the team to contact. They are also your liaison with the rest of the company. They will help line up all other services available to you such as precision technology set-up and support. If the federal program changes in any, they will inform you how it is going to affect your policy. Finally, they are your problem solvers.


Email: [email protected] | Phone number: (605) 827-2011

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